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"In the fall of 1882 the Department of Education invited the head teachers of the various kens to meet together in Tokyo for the purpose of discussing matters connected with their work. Among other questions that came up was one referring to the teaching of physical science in the shools. It was urged by many that the appartus for this purpose was far beyond their power to purchase, and without the apparatus but little progress could be made. Thereupon the pupils of the Tokyo Normal School resolved to make a number of devices to illustrate how cheaply and easily many of the instruments required for the study of physics could be made. Before the session ended the students had made fifty-six instruments, which were exhibited on the platform, with a list of the materials used in their construction. These materials consisted of bits of glass and wire, bottles, corks, bamboo, stuff that could be got from any junk-shop...I could not help realizing what a grasp of the subject a student would get in studying out and constructing this primitive apparatus" (Morse vol 2 431) This event is mentioned in other texts but with a different interpretation. To the superiors in the Ministry of Education, this attempt to solve a budgetary issue was viewed as an affront by Takamine. Hideo, was known to be forceful with his ideas.

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Takamine Hideo to Edward Sylvester Morse June 9, 1882 [1] [2] [3] [4]

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Translated by Armen Bakalian

Yamamura Yakuma, a Tosa native, was recommended by T-sensei to teach in Wakamatsu, so that's what Yamamura did, in 1885-- became principal of Wakamatsu #2 Middle School.


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