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translated by Armen Bakalian

Takamine Hideo and Hidesaburo built a grave in Aomori for their grandfather in August of Meiji 35. (Hoshi 191)

The Siamese

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"Oswego likewise left its mark on education in Japan. Modern education
began in Japan about '72, and shortly thereafter the Japanese government
sent Hideo Takamine to the United States to learn Oswego methods. Unfortunately,
many details of Takamine's life and works are missing because he himself
died in 1910 and his papers were destroyed during WWII. His granddaughter
now heads the Futaba College for Girls where the present Crown Prince's
wife attended school (she is currently the Empress of Japan)."
(Rogers 89)

Obituary Scans [image 1] [image 2] there is a discrepency on the date of his death. Sometimes it is noted as February 21 or 22nd 1910.

Takamine Hideo