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The information below is a combination of Chokusei Ahagon's chronology and other details from the sources listed in the bibliography.
1854 Aug born in Wakamatsu Aizu county

1859 learned Chinese classics from grandfather Takehei
1861 entered Nisshinkan school
1863 Advanced to the level of higher education
1864 completed higher education curriculum at Nisshinkan
1865 his father Hidenosuke died in Kyoto at age 38
1868 APRIL appt. page of Matsudaira Katamori at the age of 15
1868 August siege on Wakamatsu Castle
1868 end of Sept. early Nov. Aizu surrenders and Takamine sent to Inawashiro
1869 Feb. moved to Tokyo semi-confinement at Yamashitamon
1869 July Entered Kenjiro Ono's Academy
1870 April moved to Fukuchi Gen'ichiro's academy to study Eng.
1870 Sept. moved to private school owned by Morikazu Numama to study Eng
1871 Feb. moved to private school owned by Shuhei Mitsukuri to study Eng
1871 July moved to Keiogijyuku by FUKUZAWA YUKICHI at Mita in Tokyo
1871 Dec. Grandfather Takehei died at age 79
1872-4 studied at KEIOGIJYUKU and began to teach ENGLISH while still a student
1875 June appot. to be 8th class officer at Monbusho (Ministry of Education)
1875 July ordered to study in the United States w/ Shuji Isawa and Senzaburo Kozu, left on steamer City of Peking
1875 August Arrived in Oswego
1875 Sept. attended Oswego State Normal School
1876 June finished 2nd term zoology
1876 July attend Philadelphia Exposition w/ Krusi family
***Dr. David Murray and Fujimaro Tanaka (VP of Educational Dept) requested Takamine to come to Philadelphia to translate some work
The Lanman family (host of Tsuda Ume(ko)) and Yamakawa Sutematsu also attended this fair
1876 AUG 23-30 participated at the convention of American Association of Advancement of Science in Buffalo w/ Hermann Krusi
***may have met Wilder (Cornell) and or Morse here (((this event was MAJOR in the world of science)))
1877 July finished 2nd term Animals (with Prof. Straight and Emma Straight and Mary V. Lee)
1877 July Graduated from Oswego State Normal School
***teaching credentials July 3, 1877 certified by Niel Gilmour, Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of New York, E.A. Sheldon, Principal of the Oswego Normal School (Hideo was the first Japanese to teach in the USA at a designated elementary school for new student teachers)
***Takamine was 1/30 students from the Elementary Eng. course on July 3 1877
***presented an essay on the Life of Confucious
1877 summer participated in at the Anderson School of Natural History on Penikese Island (Mary V. Lee attended too)
*spider*insects*crustacea*spongs/inverts*microscopy*botany*algae {the first marine summer school est. in N.America was the Anderson School of Natural History organized by Louis Agassiz} (15 women! 29 men)
remained in Oswego as a student teacher, studied at Cornell in the winter w/ Burt G. Wilder prof. of zoology
1877 summer Hidesaburo Saze (Hideo's younger brother) arrives in the United States, attends Cornell University. Unlike Hideo, Hidesaburo's education was privately funded.
1878 completed the entire course for student teachers
1878 April returns to Yokohoma w/ Morse (2nd trip to Japan) on steamer City of Peking
1878 resigned from the officer post at Monbusho
1878 May reassigned to teach at Tokyo Normal School
1878 July accompanies Prof Morse, Prof Yatabe, Sasaki and others on an expedition to Hakodate
1878 Sept appt as assistant prof. at the Prepatory School of the Department of Science, University of Tokyo
***he studied Protozoa and engaged in the dissection of animals, ***he was the first scholar who performed such experiments in general education courses at the University of Tokyo outside of those presented in the Dept. of Medicine
1878 Sept. Assistant Prof. to Morse at University of Tokyo to April 1879
1878 Oct appt as assistant to vice Principal at Tokyo Normal School, appt. secretary of newly established Biological society of the University of Tokyo
1878 Oct 20, 1878 first meeting of the Biological Society was held at the Zoological Museum at U. of Tokyo...w/ Takamine as "Assistant Prof. of Zoology", not known how long Hideo worked as secretary
1879 Feb 2 Takamine presented amphioxus for the first time in Japan (the presence of amphioxus in Japan's waters not known till 3 years later)
1879 Mar appt. instructor to Tokyo Normal School and concurrently held the post of Vice Principal. Resigned from assistant professorship at the University of Tokyo.
1879 Aug 10 Morse leaves Japan
1880 Mar appt. as a researcher of School Regulations for Monbusho
1881 July Appointed Principal of Tokyo Normal School
1881 Nov 12 Gertie Krusi died at age 14 of tuberculosis
1882 January married Senko Nakamura
1882 June 4 Morse and William Sturgis Bigelow arrive in Japan. Morse introduces Bigelow to Takamine
1883 February Morse leaves Japan permanently
1883 Aug 30 Hidesaburo Saze died at age 24 of tuberculosis
1883 August son Hideichiro born
1884 Yamaguchi Yuki(ko) (niece of Fujita Goro) enters Tokyo Women's Normal School. She would have had to pass an entrance exam. Yukiko later taught music. After Mason left in 1882 he was replaced by Franz Eckerdt (German) and later Charles Leroux (French) between 1883-1886. Thus, Yukiko would've very likely studied under these two.
1885 February Translated a book on geometry INVENTING GEOMETRY by J. Spencer
1885 Translated PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF TEACHING (1878) by Johonnot into Japanese and published 2/4 volumes
1885 Oct. Co-edited THE CHART OF COMPARATIVE ZOOLOGY and IT's ILLUCIDATION with friend Tomotaro Iwakawa and published
1885 TOSHIO (son) born
1886 Jan appt. Vice Principal of Tokyo Normal School
1886 April appt. Vice Principal of Tokyo Higher Normal School
1886 Sept/Nov Translated PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF TEACHING (1878) by Johonnot into Japanese and published vols 3+4
1886 Dec Appt. one of the examining committee members for the Primary English Reader
1887 Jan Appt. as one of the examiners for the teachers of common normal schools and common high schools for boys and girls
1888 June Appt. as one of the committee members of the research for the translaton of Primary English reader
1888 NOBORU (son) born
1888 Yamaguchi Yuki(ko) (niece of Fujita Goro) graduates from Tokyo Women's Normal School elementary school division.
1889 Aug Appt a trustee of the Imperial Museum and held concurrently the post of director of the natural products department
1890 Mar Appt Vice Principal of Tokyo Women's Higher Normal School
1890 Appt professor at Tokyo Higher Normal School

1890 "By 1890, the leaders of the Meiji Restoration had consolidated their power...in this year, Mori Arinori, MInister of Education issued a series of school regulations that marked a new stage in Japan's education reform efforts. These regulations moved the country away from the 'unabashed enthusiasm for Western political thought and educational theiores...[to] a subsequent period of conservative reaction to these Western excesses. This redirection...and the rise in antiforeign sentiment also brought a decline in an interest in Western religion...Furthermore, a law banning the teaching of religion at private schools was passed in 1889." (Eder 124)

1891 April 2 Fujita Goro receives a job at Tokyo Education Museum (chronology) in affiliation with the Tokyo Normal School
1891 Aug Appt Principal of Tokyo Higher Normal School and professor
1891 Oct Appt. to board of researchers for the World Fair or Columbian World Exhibition in Chicago
1892 Listed as a deliberative member of the Educational Society of Japan (Teikoku Kyoikukai 24)
1892 May "...a charity concert was held for the benefit of this school [Tokyo Blind and Dumb School], under the patronage of...Takamine." (Ro-a Gakko 11)
1892 July Appt. an examiner for the school textbooks
1892 Nov committee member for Jyoshi Eigakujyuku (Women's English School, now Tsuda University) . Resigns from all government work in September (the resignation seemed to take effect in 1893) due to a conflict with Minister of Education Kowashi (Kouashi) Inoue, a conservative.
1893 Sept Resignation from the post of principal and professor of Tokyo Normal School takes effect.
First daughter SEIKO born
1896 Feb Appt. Director of History and Natural Products at the Imperial Museum
1897 Nov Appt. Principal of Tokyo Women's Higher Normal School
1898 Mar held concurrently the post of Principal of Tokyo Art School. There was an internal conflict concerning Okakura Kakuzo.
1898 Aug 2nd daughter KEIKO or TAKAKO (the name may be read both ways) born.
1898 Dec Resigns as principal of Tokyo Art School
1899 February 27 Fujita Goro retires from Tokyo Education Museum
April 13th Fujita Goro receives a job at Tokyo Women's Normal School
1901 Aug First son Hideichiro died at the age of 19
1902 October 31 Caroline Dunham Krusi died
1903 January 28 Hermann Krusi died

1903 Takamine Hideo and Hidesaburo built a grave in Aomori for their grandfather in August of Meiji 35. (Hoshi 191)
1904 Feb Holds concurrently the position of Principal of Tokyo Music School
1907 June Resigned as Principal of the Tokyo Music School
1909 Fujita Goro retires from Tokyo Women's Higher Normal School
1909 Nov Appt. as an examiner of the display of the Great Britain and Japan Exhibition
1910 Feb 22nd (this may be the burial date) died at the age of 57 due to pneumonia (another sources says complication from a cold) buried at Somei Cemetary in Tokyo.
1921 Takamine Kinoko, Hideo's mother, died


Takamine Hideo