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Takamine Toshio (2nd son)


The best introduction to the work of Prof. Toshio Takamine may be read in:

DeVorkin, David. "Toshio Takamine's Contact with Western Astrophysics," 145-157, in
S.M.R. Ansari, ed., History of Oriental Astronomy. Kluwer, 2003.

Photographs [link]

Other Avenues in Research

Dr. Toshio Takamine's life should be studied alongside that of SHINJO Shinzo to detect any overlap or mentorship since many of their interests overlapped.

""The Shinjo Bunko"
- A Collection of 12,000 items of old writings on astronomy and calendars collected by an astronomer, Shinzo SHINJO (1873-1938). " [source]

Established history of Eastern Astronomy [source]

mentioned in HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY by John Lankford on page 286

Mentioned in an interview [here].

Mentioned in DeVorkin's article [here].


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