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The Artist: Nakajima Nobori

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What little information we have is translated from Japanese websites using Information in blue is the babelfish translation of the Japanese. Babelfish will give the literal meanings of words which will lead to confusion in the case of locations and the names of people. So please keep in mind that the information below is not 100% accurate.

Nakajima Nobori written in Japanese. You can remember his name by looking at the middle character which looks like a horse (four legs), the "ma" in Nakajima.

Sen'yu sugatae
(Illustrations of Shinsengumi
Members) are displayed at
Goryokaku Annex, Hakodate City Museum
I am not certain if it is actually
Hakodate Public Museum (Hakodate shiritsu bijutsukan)

The image with a blue border is of Ikeda Shichisaburou (his real name was Hieda Rihachi) who died in 1938. He was known as "Saigo no Shinsengumi"(The last Shinsengumi).

The lone woman warrior depicted is believed to be a 17 year old who died defending her home in Aizu. She will forever be known as "The Sister of Hara Gorou".




Photograph of Nakajima Nobori
he seems to be holding a pipe in his right hand. It is not clear as to whether or not he is actually wearing the Shinsengumi haori. Do you see white triangles along his sleeve?

Self-portrait zoom
Kondou Isami zoom
Hijikata Toshizo zoom
Yamaguchi Jiro (Saitou Hajime) zoom